Tycoon   platinum

Tycoon Platinum Domains

Tycoon Platinum domains are a very special selection of strong business domains with absolutely great potentials.

Simple & secure trading: Most Tycoon domains are parked on Afternic.com or Sedo.com where you can simply make an offer and buy a great domain on-line through a secure trading system. Buyer can either put forward any offer (though not lower than set minimum price) or buy the domain right away without any negotiations by offering the asking price.

Minimum offer: All Tycoon Platinum domains have a set minimum price of 49,800 USD.

Asking price
: The asking price for each Tycoon Platinum domain is from 49,800 USD. Asking price may change without notice - however it is not possible for seller to change the asking price if buyer has already offered that price.

Inquiries: We can be contacted by e-mail at:

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